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Meeples to Milestones: Thame Games Club’s Year of Gaming Greatness

7 months ago

Meeples to Milestones: Thame Games Club's Year of Gaming Greatness

Guess what? Thame Games Club is celebrating a fantastic milestone – we’ve been in the Snooker Club Function room for over a year now! Time flies when you’re rolling dice and strategizing your way to victory. We’re beyond excited to share our journey with you and give you a sneak peek into what’s brewing.

First things first, let’s talk about the big numbers! 

Our family of gaming enthusiasts has grown bigger and stronger, and we’re nearly hitting the 200-member mark. Can you believe it? There’s just something about our gaming nights that keeps drawing you all in – we regularly see 30 to 50 of you amazing peeps showing up, ready to conquer the tabletop world. It’s like a blast every time!

And speaking of awesome, you need to bookmark this website! It’s not just a place for announcements; we want to make it your virtual game night hangout. You can plan private game sessions, discuss epic wins and epic failures, and just generally geek out about all things tabletop gaming. So, let’s make this website our digital game board – a place where we connect, strategize, and most importantly, have a blast together.

Now, let’s check out our team – the Thame Games Club committee. 

You already know Alex Whitfield and John Bancroft – they’ve been supporting and guiding the club for a while. But hold onto your meeples, because we’ve got some new additions in the last year – Rachael Bancroft, Duncan Spence, and Sian Jenkins have joined the crew. With their fresh ideas and passion for gaming, they’re the dream team making sure your game nights are top-notch.

Now, the serious bit – constituting the club and membership stuff. 

As we move towards our shiny constitution, we’re thinking about ways you can show your love for the club. Yep, there might be a chance to contribute and support us in making Thame Games Club even more epic. But hey, we totally get it – life can be a rollercoaster of expenses. So, any donations will always be as voluntary as picking your favourite game colour. We never want money to get in the way of enjoying a fantastic tabletop gaming evening at the club. We will keep you posted as we move this forward.

And finally, we’re all ears and always up for a chat.

Got a genius idea that could take our game nights to the next level? Or maybe you’re itching for some changes? Don’t be shy – our committee members are your go-to people. Rachael, Duncan, Sian, Alex, and John are here to listen and make your Thame Games Club experience one to remember and encourage new members.

In a nutshell, Thame Games Club is thriving in its new home, and we’re just getting warmed up. It’s your gaming haven, where meeples roam free and dice never stop rolling. So, gear up, bring your A-game, and let’s make this journey a truly unforgettable one. Your seat at the table is waiting – let’s roll some dice and make memories together!

Warm and playful regards,

John, Alex, Rachael, Duncan, Sian

John Bancroft
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