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2 years ago
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Tabletop Teach and easier way to learn new games!

Learning a new game can at times be both daunting and confusing.

If it is a game at a higher difficulty level it put you off buying or even playing a game. Will it work well for the family? Does it play well at two people or will I even really like it?

Questions I am sure many of us have asked ourselves from time to time. So, at Thame Games Club we have launched ‘Tabletop Teach’ where members of the club teach others how to play a variety of games.

Our Tabletop Teach Sessions are not just for those people new to the hobby, but for anybody who wants to try something new. A fair few of Thame Game Club members have meatier games that they would love to get to the table. There may be a game that you bought, but you would like some help learning. We can help you.  

In the monthly tabletop club night we will be teaching several games. In recent months these have included Tiny Towns, Tenpenny Parks, Family Business and Rajas of the Ganges.

We publish the games that we will teach, currently on Facebook, with the teacher, outline of the game, player count, how long it takes to play and difficulty level. Booking is on a first come first served basis and you just need to let whoever is teaching the game that you’d like a seat at the table.

If there are any games that you would like to play why not let us know. Alternatively, if you are interesting in teaching games let us know.  

John Bancroft
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